Commission a Portrait
Portraits are a chance to immortalise your loved ones and to have a work of Art to pass down through the generations. 
For Prices and more info on commissioning a portrait please contact me by email at

Below are a selection of past Commissions.

Classical Portraits from life

All these portraits were completed from life. A painting from life will involve up to 10 sittings of 3 hours each depending on size.

Modern Portraits from life

Portraits working from photographs

These portraits were commissioned to be completed from photographs as the sitters had very little time for me to work from life, so I organised a photo-shoot with them and worked from the photographs taken. In modern times this is a very acceptable way to proceed and has many advantages.

Vintage Portraits

These are portraits commissioned by clients who have old photographs of loved ones and distant relatives that they wanted to have re-imagined into drawings and paintings.


Animal Portraits

I love animals and enjoy very much painting them. I've recently started taking on commissions!