2000 - Finalist at the BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery 
2003 - Carroll Foundation Award for Best Portrait (of Sir Wilfred Thesiger), Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Mall Galleries, London.  
2006 - Windsor and Newton Young artist award – Mall Galleries, London


"My life as an Artist began when I was 14 on a trip to the St Victoire Mountain near Aix-en Provence where I first saw paintings by Paul Cezanne. I loved the colours and his interpretation of the subject matter creating something based on nature but also new and original. 

At age 16 my grandmother gave me a box of old oil paints and a canvas. I had up till this point never used oil paints. I found an old postcard of a painting of a lemon by Eduard Manet and made a copy of it. The smell and the richness of colour that one could achieve with oils left me spellbound by the medium.   

When I left school at 18 I was really keen to learn and had an image of University being a place to really get my skills up and learn a lot of technique. However, Art schools in England no longer value these qualities. I did a foundation course at Chelsea and was very lucky to be given the opportunity of taking private drawing lessons with Norman Blamey RA, who taught me the beginnings of observational drawing.

After Norman Blamey’s enriching lessons, ‘The Florence Academy of Art’ is where I learnt most of what I now know about observational painting and drawing. 

From the time I left Florence until now I have been drawing and painting practically non-stop, constantly searching and exploring different mediums and subjects, trying to fuse the old and the new to come up with a visual language that will speak to people in modern times and will bring joy, wonder and a sense of the great mystery."


Solo Exhibitions 

1999 'Works from The Florence Academy of Art'Gallery Forty Seven, Bloomsbury, London, UK. 
2003 'Interiors' Fairfax Gallery, Tunbridge Wells, U.K. 
2005 'Polaroids' Agueli Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden 
2007 'Twilight to Midnight' Beaux Arts Gallery, Bath, UK 
2013 'I Dreamt in the City' - Exhibition of Fine Art prints - Vyner Studio, Vyner Street, London, UK

Selected Group Exhibitions

2002 Royal Society of Oil Painters, Winsor & Newton Young Artists Finalist, London  
2002 Discerning Eye Award finalist, London  
2003 Royal Society of Portrait Painters –see Awards-, London.  
2003 Fairfax Gallery – “Six of the best”, Tunbridge Wells, UK.  
2003 Century Gallery, “FAA Show” Virginia, USA  
2003 Beaux arts Gallery “Group show” – Bath, UK  
2003 Royal Society of Oil Painters, Winsor & Newton Young Artists Finalist,  
2004 Mall galleries - “I Dreamt in the city”– London  
2004 Stricoff Gallery - “Group show”– 564 W 25th street, New York, USA  
2004 Spiller Art Gallery - “Young contemporary’s” – Dublin, Ireland  
2006 FAA Annual Alumni Show – Corsini Palace, Florence, Italy  
2006 Royal Society of Oil Painters, Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award, London  
2006 Solomon Gallery, Dublin Ireland  
2010 FAA Annual Alumni Show – Corsini Palace, Florence, Italy  
2011 FAA Annual Alumni Show - Corsini Palace, Florence, Italy